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Printed Fabric Backdrops

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Printed Fabric Backdrops

Our printed fabric backdrops are printed and sized to your exact requirements. 

Choose from a range of fabrics, starting from thin fabric with some show through to thick blackout fabric which prevents any show through to suit your needs. 

These backdrops are custom made and dye sub printed to your exact background colour and design, giving superior quality, for competitive prices.

The fabric we use is fire retardant so suitable for use to any event or venue, certification is available on request. 

These backdrops are perfect for so many uses including:

  • Theatres and drama productions for creating scenery cloths, props and backdrops
  • Building works and hiding construction sites when discretion is needed
  • Large format signage for exterior buildings and event barriers
  • Blackout screens needed to hide unsightly walls
  • Photography studios and backdrops - reduce editing time and create the perfect backdrop every time
  • Company showrooms where you wish to create a product showcase area, or an area to take photographs
  • Product display areas where you wish to show products against a specific promotional background
  • Great for influencers and streamers for creating custom backgrounds to film against
  • Create seasonal and interchangeable backdrops and easily swap between your options as required.
  • Great for backgrounds for bands and concert performances or music productions - these places are usually set up for backdrops to be added and with the large scale print area you can be sure that even people at the back can see your band name and logo

Finishing Options

We find that the most popular finishes on backdrops are either eyelets all the way round, or eyelets across the top and a pole hem at the bottom, but we can finish these however you need us to.  Talk to us about your requirements.

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