Imagine the scene, you have an event planned, a trade show or networking event, and everything up to that point is pretty much pandemonium!

The planning, the getting supplies sorted to give away and promote your brand and just the general stress involved in getting ready, so you can maximise the return on your outlay on the day or days of your event.

Usually a display tablecloth sort of becomes something you need either quite far in advance, so you have plenty of to time to have one planned and made up for you, or its Wednesday, and you need it for Friday.

Neither of these options are impossible, although the less time you have, the more likely you are to just need to purchase something off the shelf with your logo on it.

If you do have a little extra time a stretch fit, or spandex printed tablecloth can be a great asset to your display area.

It takes seconds to get the cloth over your table and pull the little pockets over the feet to hold it in place.

And voila, your table is a wonderful, crease free, eye catching thing that will draw people over to your stand area, and pass on your message, without needing any further input from you for the event.

No ironing, no steaming, no crumples, just a really quick set up time and a really professional finish.

If a crease free display is the most important thing to you, and you can’t guarantee that the folds in your cloth won’t be there, then a stretch fit printed tablecloth is a great solution for you to consider.

These cloths are made using dye sublimation. That’s where the ink is either applied directly to the fabric itself, or the ink is applied to transfer paper and then applied to the cloth. An industrial heat press then heats up the ink to high temperatures, pushing it into the fabric and sealing the imagery to the cloth. The end product of this process is a printed cloth that will not crack or fade over time.

It can be washed at 40 degrees in any domestic washing machine and no colours will run. The fabric used is also inherently flame retardant, so should you ever be asked to provide this by an event holder, your cloth is certified and will be permitted to be used.

Because this is a dye sublimation fabric, the cloth starts off white and both the background colour and logo are applied at the same time. This does make these cloths more expensive than the standard pre-dyed colour range tablecloths, but it does mean that you can match your exact colour scheme if you have one.

And If you don’t have one, can you develop one that you can use going forward as you develop your marketing strategy?

It also means that you can have a print at the front, the back, the sides and the top if you so wish to. Or you can have a cloth that isn’t merely one colour, but has a design all over it, and there is no extra charge for this. You can also specify your own table sizes for these cloths as they are all made to order, ensuring that you will have a perfect fit every time.

You can have full coverage to the floor on all sides, and although this is a stretch fit cloth, it doesn’t disappear into the middle when on the table. It’s quite taught and does leave you with storage space internally so you can hide boxes and supplies if you need to.

Artwork can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, we provide a template for this for you. You can find templates on the main product page of our spandex printed tablecloths.