Pop up exhibition stands are a great way to promote you and your company at events and exhibitions, giving an inviting backdrop for your company to stand alongside. They are useful in a number of ways, and although it may seem like a large expense to a small start up company, compare the cost of a pop up stand to the cost of a marketing or sales person for a year, and the cost is small by comparison.

3x3 pop up exhibition stand

A 3x3 pop up display stand has a number of benefits you can take advantage of. Use the stand to build brand awareness. Put your logo and message on the board and any visitor to the event who walks past will more than likely read your message. Our brains just can’t help it. All the big brand companies spend huge amounts of time and money on this strategy as they know how important it is.

Even if it doesn’t result in a sale on that day, somewhere in a potential customer’s brain, your message now lives. One day it just might pop up when needed.

Attract new customers with a visual display that cannot be ignored. Bright/bold/beautiful or elegant and professional. A picture says a thousand words and you can use your pop up stand to really catch the attention of passing by potential customers. It helps you to stand out against your competitors, or to start to let people know about your product if it is something they need, but that they currently do not know that they need.

Put it on your exhibition stand and as they approach they will start to learn about what you can do for them.

Send your message to everyone, without them needing to immediately chat to a team member on your stand.

A sales lead is great, a qualified sales lead is even better. So if a prospect can walk past your pop up stand, read something about what you do and want to know more – that’s an even greater potential customer. Also allowing people to find out a little about what you do and carry on walking past as it isn’t something they need, saves you time and money talking to someone who definitely won’t become a sale.

Especially if that meant you couldn’t talk to someone who would become a sale because they didn’t stick around while you were unavailable.

So the benefits of having a pop up exhibition stand are huge and the stand continues to work for you whenever you need it to. If your product or branding develops, you can repurchase the graphics, rather than needing to buy the whole stand and frame again.  You can chose a standard exhibition pop up stand - using banner material for the panels, or a fabric exhibition stand, with an aluminium frame and a fabric graphic, like a sock that you place over and zip to secure.

fabric exhibition stands are increasingly popular solutions

The beauty of these pop up stands, is all in their name. They pop up. In only a few minutes. They are easy to carry and transport.

Putting up is really easy and they are light-weight and built to last, due to a frame made from anodised aluminium. A magnetic strip system on the graphic headers of the standard pop up stands  means the graphics are easy to attach and line up.

Fitting the lights couldn’t be easier too, as you do this before putting up the frame. Removing the graphics and lights is also really easy. All of this is transported in a moulded case with wheels, for easy transportation. This protects all the elements of the pop up stand, and the graphics, lights and the beech top are all contained in one easy to store, and easy to carry case.

Once at your trade show the carry case becomes a useful printed counter or podium, also handy for storage.

Pop up stands in fabric and stand banner material are available in a range of sizes, from 3x3, right up to 6x3, and can be curved, creating a semi enclosed space, or straight backed, keeping the space open and providing a backing wall.  All styles are usable and friendly and create a space for you to welcome your customers unique to you.