Choosing a logo printed table cloth

– a handy helpful guide to help you sort through the available options

When you initially think that it might be nice to have a cover for a table with your logo on it, little did you know that there are so many options available, it can be really confusing.

Hopefully this guide will help you with some of the questions it can help to ask when thinking about a logo table cloth.

1. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, does your tablecloth need to be fire retardant and have a certificate to prove it? If so, you need to look at our fire retardant tablecloths.

These are printed using dye sublimation technology - this is when the ink is applied directly to the fabric, rather than as a vinyl transfer. This fabric is 100% polyester, 205gsm and is fully fire certified. This cloth starts off white, and is printed on the top side, so although this is a slightly more expensive fabric, you can print all over the table cloth, to an exact colour to match your branding, for no extra cost. These cloths are fully washable, and the logo will not crack, crease or fade over time.

2. Another option to consider is whether or not you need a tablecloth that will be waterproof, as it may be needed for outdoor use, or have liquids on top.

Find our waterproof logo table cloths here.

These are also printed using dye sublimation technology, onto 100% polyester fabric. These are white on the underside and are printed all over, edge to edge to suit your requirements.

This means you can print all over, repeat your logo, or have an extra large print to cover the whole of the front overhang, as required.

3. Next on the list, what size of cloth do you need?

We offer a few choices here. Starting with a printed table runner, that will fit every table, it’s the middle section that would be printed and displayed. Most tables are now standard in length, if not in height and width, and you can choose a 4ft/5ft size tablecloth, designed to fit both of these sizes, or a 6ft table size.

We can also offer an 8ft size tablecloth, please contact us directly, if this is the size you need.

What colour printed table cloth do you need?

Do you have a specific pantone colour that must be matched so that your stand is in keeping with your other branding?

Is it similar enough to a standard pre-dyed colour that exists? Royal and navy blue, black, white and forest green are pretty standard, and a slight shade of difference between the tablecloth and your other branded items may not be noticeable to the naked eye.

The lighting may give the table cloth colour a different appearance, depending on the angle you are looking at the cloth. Cloth and paper, especially high gloss card, may appear slightly different also. If a standard pre-dyed colour tablecloth will fit, this is a more cost effective item.

If not, then you can flood print a whole cloth to your exact shade and logo requirements by selecting an all over print tablecloth.

5. Another thing to consider is whether or not you would like your logo printed table cloth to be fitted to the shape of your table.

We have a range of fully fitted 6ft table size cloths available on the shelves.

Available in 8 colours, they offer fast turnaround time, and budget pricing, due to their one size, one available option, design.

If the available colours do not match what you need, or you have a different size table, you can also add on the box fitting option to your order, rather than having a standard fully fitted cloth.

This is more expensive, and increases the turnaround time by at least 24 hours as this will be sewn to your table dimensions exactly. This is a great idea if you take your own table to all the shows, and know that the measurements will be the same time and time again. If you use a table at the venue that is provided for you, it may be a better option to simply have a flat tablecloth.

You can always create the appearance of a fitted cloth using discretely placed safety pins. Pin from the inside of the table and only a very small silver bar will show from the outside.

6. Another thing to consider is whether or not you would like your logo to be printed or embroidered on to the cloth. All of our logo table cloths, except our embroidered tablecloths, are printed. The embroidery can be done on a large scale, but the time taken to embroider the logo can be anything up to 5-7 hours. Not too bad when you only want to order one of them, but if you are ordering 10, this may affect production time.

If you need them quickly, please get in touch, we may just need to operate the embroidery machines outside working hours to meet your deadline, but should be able to do this for you.

7. Also important, when do you need your table cloth for?

Many of our customers call before placing an order if they need the cloth the following day, or within a couple of days to check that we can meet the deadline. This is a great idea, as it also lets us know that something urgent is coming in and we can all be on the ball with the turnaround times for you.

We aim to provide a proof for approval within the hour of placing your order during normal working hours, but if we know your job is urgent, it will be given priority. This won’t mean that other jobs will occur later than expected, but we will just make sure the print/embroidery schedule runs smoothly and to time for all customers.

If you do not have the time to call, you can place a comment in the comments box when ordering that confirms your deadline and will be passed through with your order. It will be picked up when the order reaches us (usually within 15 minutes during working hours) and again, this will ensure your deadline is met, or you are contacted immediately so that we can provide you with additional options that may help.

We aim to keep everything on site in stock, and we are constantly updating our stock levels to keep on top of this. However, the situation does arise that a box will specify how many it has of a colour inside, and when we look, it isn’t correct. We will inform you of any problems that may affect your deadline straight away.

8. One more possible option for you. While you are thinking about a logo tablecloth, would you need any other items to go with it to complete your display?  For instance a roller banner stand? Or possibly an exhibition stand package deal?

This helps to keep the costs down as you only need to order once and a discount is offered on buying more than one item, but can really boost your marketing kit bag, and help your area to look great.

Hmmmmmm, well in trying to simplify this process and provide a guide to choosing the right logo table cloth for you, I feel like there are so many options, it’s still a bit daunting for the novice!

Please give us a call or send through an email if you would like to talk to a person about any of the above, or if I have missed anything that may prove to be helpful.

When you are all set - you can head over to our printed tablecloths page and order.