Have your logo embroidered on to an exhibition tablecloth without being limited on size. We can add your logo in embroidery up to a maximum size of 120cm x 40cm, covering a large enough area on the front overhang to be visible from a great distance.

Perfect for any size tablecloth, you can have your logo embroidered on to all sizes of tablecloths, including the tablecloth runners, even the fully fitted tablecloths also allow you to embroider your logo instead of printing.

This is a popular method of adding branding to a tablecloth and is really popular among golf clubs, committees, rugby sports clubs, football teams, and is great for presentation evenings, schools, colleges and award ceremonies.embroidered logo tablecloths are visually stunning

The embroidery thread is very hard wearing and available in over 300 colours, so if we can't match your exact colour, we will be able to find a close enough match that it won't be noticeable.

These table cloths are washable at up to 95 degree temperature washes, so if you need a tablecloth that may become stained during your events, and may need a high temperature wash, this is one of the most resilient branding methods to do that with.

Embroidery thread does not lose its colour over time, fade or become worn, it is a wonderful versatile finish to your table cloth. The threads that we use are 100% polyester and have a great lustre giving depth to your logo.

It is also possible to use fire retardant threads it this is something you may need, and they are also available in neon and glow in the dark colours.

Metallic threads in silver, gold, bronze and copper also give a high metallic shine to areas of your logo that need to look like they are made of super shiny metal and not like they are made of thread.

The embroidery can also be patterned, so for example if you have a logo based on nature containing leaves or other elements or a natural feel, we can use a leaf pattern within the embroidery, or a jewel pattern in any area that you want to draw attention to.

The possibilities for the embroidery are wide ranging, if you have an idea you would like to see stitched out, please contact one of our customer services team who will be able to help you.

Why not consider also having your clothing personalised for your event - our embroidered workwear is a great optional item to ensure all your team members are easily identified when representing your company at any exhibition or event.

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