Whether you are looking for small individual pieces of digitally printed fabric, or whole rolls we offer digital fabric printing in-house in our UK based print studio in Warrington, Cheshire.

We have a wide range of fabrics available that are suitable to be used for digital fabric printing, with a range of textures and width sizes so there will be a fabric type that is suitable for your design and purpose, whether it be for canvas printing, theatre backdrops, building covers to reduce the negative effects of construction or soft furnishings, to name a few.

Our digital fabric printing has a maximum width of 320cm in one piece – and the rolls can be any length, depending on the fabric type and weight of the threads used for your specific print job. You can create tiled artwork that can be repeated along a whole roll of fabric, large scale images or artwork, or have a small run printed if that suits your needs better.

Swatches and samples can be available on request. We can even print a sample of your print so that you can see how it will look, or to offer to your clients and purchasers before ordering a large print run.Depending on your requirements there may be a small charge for this, but we will let you know this so you do not have any unpleasant cost surprises.

Our digitally printed fabrics are 100% polyester and are all fire retardant and certified as such and copies of the certificates are available to you for your record keeping.

Available in canvas, cotton soft feel fabric, and sheer fabrics, right through to 500gsm heavy weight fabrics. They are great for fabric banners, flags, wall coverings, photographs and art displays.

We can also supply complete fabric on rolls, allowing you to create items as they are purchased. This reduces the need for storage as items can be made to order, rather than made and then sold at a later date.

Our digital printed fabric is printed using CMYK ink. These are water based inks and are skin safe, applied directly to the fabric at source.

In essence the fabric is dyed and the dye is permanent so the print will last for the life of cloth, and the cloth can be washed repeatedly as needed.

Our fabric for printing ranges from £45 per metre to £60 per metre depending on the fabric type and quantity ordered.

Shipping is calculated based on weight.

Please contact us for a quote or a chat about how we can bring your ideas to life info@printmytablecloth.co.uk

More Information:

Fabric printing at 320 wide, unlimited length with no joins up to this width

Larger pieces available with joins

Fabric printing – banners, flags, theatre backdrops, furnishings, fire retardant fabric, building covers for construction sites, clothing manufacture, fabric printing on a roll, fabric printing finished with a professional overlock, or with selvedge at the edges of a printed roll.