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05 Mar Harberson and Print My Tablecloth
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Harberson and Print My Tablecloth are the one-stop shop for all your exhibition needs – but we go further than that...Our investment in new technology means that we can print bigger, better, faster and more competitively than most – going that extra mile to ensure we can offer you the best possible serviceOur tablecloths can be used for any ..
28 Nov Vectors and Artwork Explained
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Vectors and artwork explained. We are so often sent logos for the large format print products in bitmap or jpeg format and I just wanted to help our customers understand how to get the best possible result when for example printing a tablecloth.Boring technical bit - a vector file is made up of mathematical formulas - it's normally an Adobe Il..
19 Jul How to start your own business - advice and tips for starting your own company
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Setting Up A Business? Ask yourself these questions Thinking about leaving the rat race and starting your own company? You aren't on your own. There are 5.7 million SME's in the UK at the time of publication, and they underpin the UK economy, and according to the Business Statistics from Parliament Statistics report from 2018, 96% of those are mic..
22 May What is the best exhibition stand for your event?
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What is the best exhibition stand for me? This is a great question and possibly the first thing to consider when you start to think about taking on some space during an event to showcase you/your company and your products and services, and it probably needs to be investigated much further before you can decide. It's probably best to initially star..
08 May Waterproof Printed Tablecloths
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If you need a tablecloth with water resistant properties our waterproof printed tablecloth material could be the right product for you.It’s a lightweight, heavy duty fabric which doesn’t lose the ability to look great as well as preventing water ingress. Made from 100% polyester the waterproof tablecloth fabric is a 240gsm weight, with an acrylic ..
07 May Digital Fabric Printing
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Whether you are looking for small individual pieces of digitally printed fabric, or whole rolls we offer digital fabric printing in-house in our UK based print studio in Warrington, Cheshire. We have a wide range of fabrics available that are suitable to be used for digital fabric printing, with a range of textures and width sizes so there will be..
30 Nov The Wonderful World of Spandex Tablecloths
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Imagine the scene, you have an event planned, a trade show or networking event, and everything up to that point is pretty much pandemonium! The planning, the getting supplies sorted to give away and promote your brand and just the general stress involved in getting ready, so you can maximise the return on your outlay on the day or days of your eve..
01 Aug Choosing a logo printed table cloth
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Choosing a logo printed table cloth – a handy helpful guide to help you sort through the available optionsWhen you initially think that it might be nice to have a cover for a table with your logo on it, little did you know that there are so many options available, it can be really confusing.Hopefully this guide will help you with some of the questi..
27 Apr Pop Up Exhibition Stands
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Pop up exhibition stands are a great way to promote you and your company at events and exhibitions, giving an inviting backdrop for your company to stand alongside. They are useful in a number of ways, and although it may seem like a large expense to a small start up company, compare the cost of a pop up stand to the cost of a marketing or sales p..
09 Mar Embroidered Logo Tablecloths
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Have your logo embroidered on to an exhibition tablecloth without being limited on size. We can add your logo in embroidery up to a maximum size of 120cm x 40cm, covering a large enough area on the front overhang to be visible from a great distance. Perfect for any size tablecloth, you can have your logo embroidered on to all sizes of tablecloths,..
01 Mar Convert Passers By To Clients
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It is every small business and small trader's secret fear, every time you do an exhibition or an event, how do you maximise that monetary outlay and turn visitors walking by, from passers by to prospective clients. How do you persuade them to go away knowing more about your product range and company, becoming prospective customers, or actual custo..
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