Logo Size Guide

How large will the print area be?

Use this handy scaled example below to asses how large your branding will appear on your printed tablecloth. These images are all showing the size of the print area on a standard 6ft table.  The length is 183cm and the height is 75cm on this scaled model.

printed tablecloths - logo size guide

If you select the standard print area for our printed tablecloths your logo will be supplied at any of the sizes on the left hand side tables above, depending on the proportions of your logo.  So if your logo is long and thin, your print area will be in the 95cm x 25cm range. 

If your logo is a circle or square your logo will be printed at a size of 40cm x 40cm.

If you upgrade to the increased print area of 100cm x 40cm size your logo will print at the same size as the image on the top right hand side picture.  If you increase again to the 120cm x 40cm logo print size please have a look at the image below this to see how your logo will appear.

For all over printed cloths and dye sublimation cloths the print area is all over the cloth, so the front panel, left and right sides, top and back overhang are all printed to your design or colour specification.

Please contact us on info@printmytablecloth.co.uk if we can help you visualise the scale of your print.

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