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Artwork Requirements

When uploading your artwork to us for printing, for best results we need to have a vector file.

This is artwork that can be resized to be large enough for an exhibition display stand or a printed tablecloth without any loss of quality.

Raster, or bitmap based artwork files (like JPGs) can be very poor quality when enlarged for printing on tablecloths.

High resolution jpeg files (like photographs and print ready artwork) can be printable at large sizes for photographic designs, so please check with us for confirmation if necessary.  Ideally we like to print at no less than 150dpi at full size.

Vector Files:

Ai - Adobe Illustrator files
CDR - Corel Draw files

Non Vector Files:

PSD - photoshop files

Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and power point documents are usually not suitable. If in doubt, please send us an email with your file and we will have a look at it and come back to you to let you know what we can do to help.

We cannot use INDD files as we do not have this software in our print studio.

More Information:

A vector piece of artwork can be resized to any size without any loss of quality. This is because vector files are based on mathematical equations and every time the artwork is resized the equations simply recalculate to the new size.

Vector artwork is usually very easy to work with - any element or piece of the artwork can be picked up and changed individually, so changing the colour, size or outline is all very straightforward and can be adjusted by us without incurring any charges as it is a quick and easy process.

In about 5% of files the artwork can still be difficult to work with, but if we have any problems we will contact you to let you know.

Raster images are made up of pixels grouped together to give the artwork its shape. This works well at the size the image is created in however, when increasing the size to print on to a tablecloth, this can become very pixelated.

As a pixel is really just a small square shape, when you increase this the logo can become very blocky and lose a lot of its quality. Not so bad on small print, but on a tablecloth this can be hugely noticeable as the print area is so large.

Photographs and Photoshop files are raster based images. Sometimes these can be high enough quality to print, ideally we would be looking for around 150dpi (dots per inch) at full size for the print.

For the best quality print it is always better to work from a vector.

If you do not have a vector file available we can redraw your logo here. This allows us to print your tablecloth or other items in very high quality and also gives you a vector available for future use.

This can incur an additional charge depending on the complexity of your logo.

For dye sublimation printing on to white cloths it can be possible to print a jpg or other raster file directly on to the fabric.

This generally only works on white cloths, but all artwork files are not the same - if you have any queries regarding artwork please send your file through to and we will do what we can to help.

If in doubt with any of the above please contact us before placing your order online as any refunds will be issued minus 15% fees.

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