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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions Section

Can I wash a printed tablecloth?
What size print area is available?
What quality are the printed tablecloths?
Are flame retardant tablecloths available?
How long will it take for my cloth to be delivered?
What happens if my item is faulty?

Can I wash a printed tablecloth?

Yes, once printed the tablecloths can be washed at 40 degrees and with a mild detergent.

Full instructions are below:

  • Wash at 40 degrees
  • Use a gentle washing detergent
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Iron on reverse only at very low temperature setting

Do not dry clean the printed tablecloths as the chemicals will attack the print

What size print area is available?

A standard printed tablecloth comes with a 70cm x 35cm print area, or the closest size depending on your artwork proportions. 
A circular artwork is usually printed at 40cm diameter.
A portrait artwork will usually be up to 42cm in height but this varies depending on each piece of artwork we receive.

If in doubt, send us an email at with your artwork and we can confirm the printed dimensions.

If you would like your logo to be printed larger this will be possible - a small extra charge will apply, if you would like a print area of 100cm x 40cm instead of the standard 70cm x 35cm - the charge for this is an extra £8.50 per print.   For a print size 120cm x 40cm the additional charge would be £15 plus VAT.

If you would like your print to be even larger, please contact us for confirmation of how large you could take your print.  To print the whole of the front overhang you need to opt for a flood or all over print tablecloth, this will allow your print area to be the full overhang as required.

For the all over printing or flood print tablecloths the print area is all over the table cloth from edge to edge.

This means your logo or design can be as large as the whole table cloth.

You can design your artwork to fill the whole cloth, or the whole of the front panel, or repeat your logo all over the cloth if you wish to.

This is also applicable to our waterproof table cloths, which are also printed edge to edge.

What quality are the printed tablecloths?

The cloths we use are restaurant quality tablecloths. Extensive research and design has gone into the fabric to ensure that the cloths are anti-stain, anti-crease and are extremely colour fast. They are fully washable and should not fade, continuing to look good throughout their lifespan.

For any further details please send us an email and we can answer any queries you have regarding the tablecloth fibres. The cloth we use for our standard fabric colours is 220gsm 100% polyester fabric with a brushed cotton finish. It is a very easy care fabric and is also very colour fast - it doesn’t pick up other colours, or lose its own colour. It's a very hard wearing cloth designed to look good after repeated uses and washes. Our tablecloths are fully overlocked at the edges when purchasing our pre-dyed fabric tablecloths, or hemmed with a double stitch for strength when purchasing pantone matched cloths.

The print process we use is a full colour CMKY photographic quality print at 1440 dots per inch - that's the highest print resolution available and is designed to look photo real at near or far distance. We print on to specialist digital media which is then cured for 24 hours to allow the inks to settle and become completely bonded to the media.

This is then heat pressed on to the cloth using an industrial heat press, giving a fully washable product that won't crack or fade over time, however hard you work it.

If you need a pantone match cloth we use a dye sublimation process. This starts life as a white 205gsm 100% polyester fabric, which is fully flame retardant with full certification available.

Depending on the complexity of your print we will then either print on to paper and use a heat press to dye the fabric, or print directly on to your fabric and again seal the ink with heat. This is a fully washable product which will not run or fade as the inks are UV ink quality.

Both of these products are remarkable, hard wearing and very aesthetically pleasing.

If in doubt please ask us for pictures of cloths we have produced or for printed samples to be sent to you.

Are flame retardant tablecloths available?

Yes, we can supply flame retardant tablecloths in our pantone matched tablecloths, but our standard colour range is not flame retardant.

Our flame retardant tablecloths begin life as white cloths and are then custom printed all over (we call it a flood print) to reach the desired colour. The underside of these tablecloths remains white. This cloth is slightly more expensive than our pre-dyed fabric range.

Please contact us with your requirements if this is a product you would prefer to purchase. It is possible to purchase a spray to improve the fire retardancy of fabric, please check with your exhibition venue if this option would be suitable for their requirements.

How long will it take for my cloth to be delivered?

We try to keep all of our 5ft table and 6ft table sized cloths in stock and ready to go on the shelves but this isn't always possible.

If you can send vectored artwork with your order the turnaround time should be 3 working days - we like to say 3-5 working days to avoid any disappointment. Out of stock items can take 3 weeks to produce but we will be in touch as soon as you place your order to confirm if this is the case.

For the flood printed cloth the turnaround time is slightly longer, this is usually 5-7 working days from proof sign off and payment for the fully printed cloth to reach your destination.

What happens if my item is faulty?

Although very rare, this can sometimes happen. Print My Tablecloth offers a full replacement service - please return the item to us and we will send a replacement to you by return.

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